Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • The fruit is a perishable commodity, and from time maybe some spoilage due to prolonged delivery by our vendor.

After delivery, if you receive rotten fruit, photos must be sent immediately to the customer service officer. After confirmation, the standard compensation will be made according to the purchase price, please contact customer service HERE within 24 hours after signing for the package.

  • If the delivered is delayed due to an incomplete address, phone number, or contact information, rotten or spoiled fruit will not be compensated. Since this is not PF Passion Fruit fault or negligence.
  • Passion Fruit has a post-ripening process. If the passion fruit is a green color when it is received, please put it in a cool place for two or three days before eating. I will tell you a little unknown secret, the more wrinkled the passion fruit peel is, the sweeter the fruit inside will be.

Refund Policy

PF Passion Fruit does not accept returns. Additionally, no refunds are guaranteed but we will do our best to remedy the situation if a package is damaged by the shipping carrier or delayed. If any of your fruit/boxes arrived late or damaged, you must take pictures of the fruit immediately and send it to info@ipassionfruit.com the same day you receive your box. From there we can evaluate the damages and work towards a solution. We may ask for photos of the inside of the fruit to best evaluate the situation. Ideally, we will issue a partial refund or full refund, but reimbursement is not guaranteed.

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